Entry #40

Boss Collaboration, pt1.

2018-03-13 17:08:06 by Tyler

I'm not the best artist. But I do have the ability to create. Im good at being a leader, envisioning an end product and leading/directing the creative energies of others.

That makes me an "idea guy" with art skills and leadership skills. An idea guy on its own is a useless, empty fantasy that nobody values. Having an idea requires the ability to manifest something into the world.

I love working with others. I love sharing my raw ideas with them, and having them add their own ideas to it, and we pass the concept back and forth until something that exists does in fact exist that could not have existed otherwise. 

When I started working on Realm Raiders, one of the first bosses, Contempt, was a lil doodle I drew in my sketchbook and colored over digitally. 

I provide the seed of an idea, give it form and Christina (@BLITZWUFF) nurtues the concept it into something beautiful. @TopSpinTheFuzzy does freelance animation for me and helps give my baby life, and Dan makes it function in game. 


Next time I'll show how this guy is implemented in game.

I'm happy that people like this guy, we even got some 3D fan art of him on the front page


Talk again soon,

- Tyler


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2018-03-13 17:30:42

This is really cool to be able to see the growth of a character like this. Collaboration can do some crazy stuff. Great work guys!

Tyler responds:

Thanks! I really want to do an in depth making of after its all over too.

Hopefully it inspires someone else


2018-03-14 19:30:23

look'n good playboy