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I suffer from a few problems with working on a computer all day. Perhaps you do too. 

Sometimes: I get distracted by social media, I get sluggish and unmotivated, I suffer with low creativity.

On past occassions I've talked to @TomFulp about health and Flashgitz, during their twitch streams, about productivity and direction. Enough artists practice this stuff, but seldom talk about it. If you have any more hot tips, please let me know.

Some of these might seem obvious, but they eluded me for years.

Lets begin.

#1. Full Night's Sleep

Yeah, I know its seriously the most basic answer. But its also the most overlooked common problem. Adults need need 6-8 hours of healthy routine sleep. Its the OG Nootropic 

I don't know if your social circle is like mine, but very often friends will get 3-5 hours a night. AND BRAG ABOUT IT  FOR SOME REASON

Society parades pulling all-nighters around as a badge of glory, yet it causes the most problems: forgetfulness, depression, accelerated alzheimers... all things that will fuck up your work ethic (duh). 

Sometimes you WILL need to crunch, but try to keep it when necessary.

#2 Workout

Being sedentary will cause you a host of problems, made even worse by the fact you sit at a desk all day with bad posture. Cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and being a fragile, weak baby are all symptoms of not working out.

On the plus side, working out makes you happier, more resilient, and there is a metaphysical correlation between growing your body and achieving your goals. If you can move the physical world, surely you can move ahead in your mental challenges. 

#3. Social Media Addiction/ Dopamine/Instant Gratification Addiction

Do you feel that burning compulsion to always check Twitter notifications? See what emails you got? If cute thotties on Bumble are chatting you up?

This was one of my glaring weaknesses. It still is a physiological addiction, but less so since I've become aware. Humanity hasn't evolved to deal with technology; it is both a blessing to be connected and a curse as well.

Things I've found are:
Put your phone into Airplane Mode when out or at the gym.
- Disconnect your desktop from the WiFi until you need it.
- Have a time of day to stop all online time and re-connect with reality (ie IRL hobbies like reading)

Most people fail miserable at sleeping, working out, and living in the real world so thats a great thing to fix first.

#4. Listen to Binural Beats to help you focus. 

Science reveals to us that listening to music improves our performance. I know, big shock right? Science, at least in my learnings, hasn't proved why binural beats work... but they make me focus and feel better. Try working with just these on (you need headphones for them to be effective).



I swear by this stuff. Nothing grounds my overactive mind better  

#5. Set goals and believe in your vision

YES ITS CHEESY. But it works. If you don't have a purpose for your life or goal, why even bother? I remind myself every single day that I am making Realm Raiders, and no roadblock will stop me (except maybe death).

Without a vision, it is impossible to shape your trajectory. Forget about economics and politics (well stay alive, duh), but chase after what you want. Would this site exist if Tom didn't believe in his baby? The answer is NO.

In How To Think and Grow Rich, the author sets forth that the richest, most powerful men in the world have a burning desire to achieve their purpose. PS. The whole book is free to read online. 

Whether they articulate it or not, all successful people ive met seem to have this trait of desire.

I can't wait to share my new game updates with you... soon

Til Next Time,

~ Tyler 


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