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Tyler's News

Posted by Tyler - June 28th, 2022

Hiiiiiii NG'ers. My team has released a demo tutorial of our game: Realm Raiders

Play it here!


I really want (and need!) your feedback.

This demo is a technical test so I can gather opinions on the combat (and graphical issues). The big picture of the game is mostly realized, but our team needs to tweak how each piece of the game "feels". The goal is to refine with you, the audience, in mind as we continue to release small demos.

Many of you may remember me posting about this game a few years back. Its undergone significant technical and design changes since then (from 2D to 2.5D, etc) For those of you who are just now hearing about RR, check out the game and the twitter devlog.


If you like what you see, consider joining our Discord to stay up to date or just talk w/ us.

Enough reading - go play!


Posted by Tyler - February 19th, 2021



Posted by Tyler - December 18th, 2020

I am under my second quarantine of the year. My job is closed down temporarily again. In some ways this is great because I have a lot of time to develop my game-- but also difficult because I genuinely miss the social aspect of work.

For my day job, I work in a gym. The state policy is wear a mask inside at all times. Maybe 5% customers get pissy about the mask policy, but almost everyone complies. (FUN FACT! The average complaint is by some average person claiming "its hard to workout in a mask" while I workout INFINITELY harder than them, wearing the mask the entire time)

Occasionally people forget to put it on. Whatever. I remind them to do it and they pleasantly accede.

However, on occasion one person will deliberately not wear it. These people are repeat offenders. Our policy is to kick out everyone who is a repeat offender. The repeat offenders are given warnings, final warnings, and then "kicked out".

I have become something of an enforcer- I kick offenders out.

Personally, I lack sympathy for offenders because I've lost several friends and clients this year due to COVID. When an elderly client calls you from the hospital, slowly dying alone and you hear the terror in their voice as they fear the end, public hygiene behavior becomes VERY personal.

Every last repeat offender tries to fight me (psychologist friend tells me these people have Oppositional Defiant Disorder) I have been pushed. I have been screamed at. Some get in my face. I have been called a "sheeple", a "snowflake". I have been told I am "brainwashed by liberal propaganda", I have been threatened. I was deliberately coughed on. Told the virus "isn't real". Called a "mask nazi". Called every name in the book. Every single offender told me they would fight me in the parking lot. Yet despite all the posturing, they eventually leave.

Paradoxically, I understand where they are coming from. During the first quarantine I generally felt the same way they do. But I was living in a bubble. I did my research and realized my presumptions were simply knee-jerk reactions. I know the offenders are wrong, and I know why they are wrong. But I can't convince them they are wrong

(OH, The Pains of Intelligence)

This has happened 11 times in person, and many more over the phone. Perhaps the most ironic part is that these people fit one of two profiles: The Degenerate and The Conservative.

(Before you get mad at me, this is NOT a political post, but a psychological observation)

I can't be too upset about degenerates. What do you expect from people with criminal records that are hopeless victims of the opioid epidemic and ride bicycles in their 30s because they lost their license drunk driving? Not much.

The conservatives have a psychological profile that is rigid and paranoid. Perhaps the most annoying and paradoxical frustration I've experienced is that I allied myself with these people for a long time. These were supposed to be MY people, yet reality has a funny way of creeping in on you. They are mostly unable to think about complex (3D) issues, due to their (2D) approach. They don't think: "here is a cascading series of factors that interplay and affect each other" they think "this is good", or "this is bad". Is this all of them? No. But it is a lot of them


My average bad customer

I have begun confronting strangers in public places (ike the grocery store) about their behavior as well. I am yelled at typically. I ask them why they don't care about the elderly at risk, but receive no response. Just anger. My friends believe I have developed trauma being abused by the public.

COVID has sent people into paranoid delusions, primitive states of mind, and generally brought forth the ugliness hiding away in the hearts of our fellow man.

We often think there is some big bad "evil" to blame: China, Russia, the Elite, the Bankers, the Royals, Astral Demons in the 13th dimension. Maybe these things are to blame partially, I don't know. But one thing I did learn:

Almost always the real evil appears in our fellow man.

On a positive note, every bystander thanks me privately after dealing with the offenders. I feel personally gratified doing the right thing, as hard as it is.

COVID has certainly been an interesting time so far, to say the least. Thanks for reading my rant lmao


Posted by Tyler - March 22nd, 2020


Bro you have to social distance, theres a bio-weapon on the loose. You have to stay inside where its safe for a while.

Need moar games to pass the time?



(Also follow Realm Raiders twitter and look at my pretty dev blog)


Posted by Tyler - March 4th, 2020

Newgrounds is the best website on the internet and I am eternally grateful to @TomFulp for making it.

But to appreciate why, here is some contrast:

The internet is no longer simply a network. The AI advancement has terraformed it into a parasite, serving only itself and its owners. Its philosophy is: "how can it harvest the most power and influence with the least amount of work?"

(We see this manifest as Google, Youtube and other sites' "algorithms" (AKA AI) make getting noticed ever harder for creatives, and easier for bottom-feeder clickbaiters.)

This is no longer science fiction, this is no longer a speculation as to when the AI will take over. The AI is already fully sentient and conscious. It knows everything about us, from the macro down to the micro. All of our data: private messages, search history, focus points, emotional triggers, logic, fears, hopes, YOU NAME IT. IT HAS IT.

It can copy everything. Did you ever see the site: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ ?

Go there. Refresh the page over and over. A new face is generated each time. Did you know this technology exists in video as well? Stock actors can be purely simulated at this point. It looks real, our senses believe its real. The AI digital demon reaches into the physical realm to manipulate it from inside.

But, the one thing the machine can NEVER do is create - only we can do that. The AI parasite can only copy. And thats why newgrounds is the best site on the internet. It fosters our creative powers. Tom has created more careers, motivated more artists and created more culture than any AI ever could.

And as the AI continues to assimilate everything to churn it out and sell it back... except as a lame, lifeless and boring clone...sites like Newgrounds become all the more important. That becomes more obvious every single day.

I am grateful for this incredible website and its users that continue to be inspiring. You guys are more incredible and powerful than you may realize.




Posted by Tyler - November 28th, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving NGers

Comment with what you're thankful for... and i'll give you a free Steam code for Sentry Knight Tactics


I love you 8=======D <3



Posted by Tyler - July 18th, 2019



Posted by Tyler - December 15th, 2018

To you newcomers who appeared during this New Renaissance: Newgrounds is special. Few realize how much powerful, popular content has spawned from this site.  



Toms trailblazing impact won't soon be forgotten. Castle Crashers was instrumental in ushering indie games into the mainstream console frey. Here are some more people who started from NG:



Despite all this, Newgrounds almost died.

She was near dead for a while. On life support, with low traffic. Being kept alive only by a handful of people who cared: (@Ivanalmighty, @TomFulp, @PhantomArcade, etc). NG was known for its outrageous content; a breath of fresh air in otherwise corporate and marketing-friendly times.

Newgrounds SHINES against the dark spirit of puritanism, which is back in full force today. Think of the heavy censorship you see: Social Media purges, PC Culture, EU article 13 banning memes, you getting reported to HR for saying “gay” online 11 years ago when you were still in grade school, etc.

Who wanted an edgy site when things were getting more prude? As society introspected about itself and what was deemed offensive, newgrounds was forgotten. Not only that, but it had to compete against industry behemoth: Youtube. Finally, youtube began censorsing as well. Indeed, the zeitgeist turned to a spirit of stifling itself.

If you payed attention to the fringes of society, it was very obvious a counterculture sick and tired of censorship was emerging. Culture wars manifest in the strangest places (remember gamergate lol), and Newgrounds is a major player in the new zeitgeist shift.


Tumblr purge is just the beginning of the cultural shift, and Newgrounds returning to be the creative powerhouse it once was. Now is the time to get on board as the growth comes. 

Look at all these other people NG touched:



Today, December 15th, 2017 is the anniversary of this post. Im making this post one year later, on Dec. 15, 2018 

- We predicted the resurgance of Newgrounds.
- Succesful Newgrounds alumni still come together in support of the site.

Consider supporting the site, because in the age of censorship, Newgrounds is one of the only friends you have left

- Tyler

PS. What does NG mean to you?


Posted by Tyler - November 20th, 2018

TUMBLR has had a Child Porn scandal - wrecking its standing with the Apple Store union

In a desperate plea to save face, Tumblr nobility shuts down all NSFW content- innocent porn artist serfs are now with out a home.

The horny smut artists become emagrents, exiles to once was what they very place they call home, and make way to brighter pastures on NG.

Now the Art Portal floodgates are open and horny gamer grils and horny gamer boys have a new e-home




Posted by Tyler - October 17th, 2018



Do you like math? Me either. But more on that later.

In my post about Every Story is The Same, we learned all stories, and by extension life, follows a predictible pattern: descent into chaos and return to the known. Insights are gleened by breaking through order by making sense of the chaotic unknown. Perhaps you've learned some shit about yourself producing content on this site.


Almost every game I've created has taken me on this cyclical ride. Much like a sine wave, the whole process is highs and lows. Sometimes you run out of money, sometimes your vision isn't as cool as you thought it was, people will drop out of your project and others will flat out discourage you (avoid these people, energy vampires). There are often times you think of just giving up.

But also, things go well. You have a breakthrough, people find your game fun, you sell copies and are proud of your work. Then you are re-inspired to power through.

See how that works below? Imagine the sine wave is your happiness at the top, misery at the bottom.


Game Dev, as with any long project can have bouts of doubt, misery and depression.

But these things are mitigated by having a healthy lifestyle... something we internet cretins neglect sitting in doors, in the darkness hunched in front of blue light all day.

I battled the depression monster during the development of every single game I ever made. All the way from Slime Quest to Sentry Knight Tactics, the long process and anxiety of reception layed on me. I'll be sure to talk about this more.

But honestly, during Realm Raiders its been not so bad. In fact most of the time its good. Its actually great right now and I feel good. But I owe that to good self-care. So thats why I've started a self-care video resouce to help pull other people up to where I am. Check out the Intro Video:

I would post on NG but I think theres too much video footage to not get Tom Fulp in trouble. Maybe future episodes can be posted here.

Love you all,
- Tyler