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Posted by Tyler - December 15th, 2018

To you newcomers who appeared during this New Renaissance: Newgrounds is special. Few realize how much powerful, popular content has spawned from this site.  



Toms trailblazing impact won't soon be forgotten. Castle Crashers was instrumental in ushering indie games into the mainstream console frey. Here are some more people who started from NG:



Despite all this, Newgrounds almost died.

She was near dead for a while. On life support, with low traffic. Being kept alive only by a handful of people who cared: (@Ivanalmighty, @TomFulp, @PhantomArcade, etc). NG was known for its outrageous content; a breath of fresh air in otherwise corporate and marketing-friendly times.

Newgrounds SHINES against the dark spirit of puritanism, which is back in full force today. Think of the heavy censorship you see: Social Media purges, PC Culture, EU article 13 banning memes, you getting reported to HR for saying “gay” online 11 years ago when you were still in grade school, etc.

Who wanted an edgy site when things were getting more prude? As society introspected about itself and what was deemed offensive, newgrounds was forgotten. Not only that, but it had to compete against industry behemoth: Youtube. Finally, youtube began censorsing as well. Indeed, the zeitgeist turned to a spirit of stifling itself.

If you payed attention to the fringes of society, it was very obvious a counterculture sick and tired of censorship was emerging. Culture wars manifest in the strangest places (remember gamergate lol), and Newgrounds is a major player in the new zeitgeist shift.


Tumblr purge is just the beginning of the cultural shift, and Newgrounds returning to be the creative powerhouse it once was. Now is the time to get on board as the growth comes. 

Look at all these other people NG touched:



Today, December 15th, 2017 is the anniversary of this post. Im making this post one year later, on Dec. 15, 2018 

- We predicted the resurgance of Newgrounds.
- Succesful Newgrounds alumni still come together in support of the site.

Consider supporting the site, because in the age of censorship, Newgrounds is one of the only friends you have left

- Tyler

PS. What does NG mean to you?


Comments (33)

I didn't know Dunkey started here as well!

Newgrounds is a very interesting and unique place even if you take away "anti-puritanism" out of the equation. Just the ways you can interact, collaborate and maintain a standard of a diverse community of creators is something that isn't anywhere else on the web. I only just got back and am starting to appreciate it even more since the latest shitstorms regarding content.


Newgrounds is great in that niche content gets to shine where elsewhere it would be overshadowed by more mediocre clickbait. It is the site's creative spirit that keeps it alive in an age of corporate driven pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Back when I was in middle school i used to go on newgrounds to watch some of the funniest flash animations and looking back I didnt appreciate it much but now since the tumblr purge I find my self back here where it all began and now I respect and appreciate newgrounds for what it is a bastion of creative freedom in a web space with corporate pandering and BS censorship Newgrounds was always there for us and still is to this day even I thought the sitr was dead but thanks to the current social media landscape Newgrounds and other independent decentralized social media sites are now on the rise and its great to see Newgrounds rise again after being on life support.

My favorite thing is finding out some creator I like comes from (or is currently on) Newgrounds. It's like finding out some famous actor is from your small town.

I remember seeing your tweets last year, pretty nifty how only a year later Newgrounds is coming into a new era.

To me Newgrounds is the place for people to creatively grow and improve with each other. The site isn't only focused on the biggest names. Anyone can make whatever they want, and if it's good, it'll get attention, you'll get feedback, you improve, and maybe you get a little audience for yourself. I could say a lot more stuff but im too lazy to write it all up right now heheheh.

What do you mean you're not gonna have an essay battle with me?

Since I'm a shy idiot I only lurked on NG, hearing the community was very vicious. Yet, revisiting here years later and everyone seems chill. Wish I was here sooner.

I bet those people who were saying NG had a rude community are probably rushing here given the circumstances.

But whatever on them, back to share art here.

old stigmas die hard

This post makes me happy and appreciative that I've grown up around such a supportive group of artists.

Everytime I see one of these posts it's really inspirational and motivating, in its purest form. Thanks for sticking around with NG as well, OP

I'm here thanks to DuDuL, who is an amazing animator, he also had his beginnings on this site. And now I'm very grateful, because I've discovered so many talented people and many fine additions to my reference collection <cough>, which give me A LOT of motivation to go further! I know I can relay on the community here ^^ NG means a lot to me right now, I know I'll stick with you, Tank lads, for a long time ^^

P.S. RIP NG Discord Channel; what exactly happened? D:

Based newgrounds.

You're god damn right. It makes me happy to see people talking about NG. Fascinating to hear people go, "oh yeah...newgrounds..."

I haven't posted much to NG but ive been here and about for a while, so i guess what it means to me, is,hell i don tknow. a place that has brought me countless joy at various points. It influenced my sense of humor. For me its mostly happiness in some form.

I honestly cant recall *how* i found out about Newgrounds. im gonna guess looking for stick figure cartoons because thats how i got introduced into internet animation anyway from a friend I used to game with back when my family got our first computer (gamespy anyone?). An animation he made.

I'm just glad this place is experiencing a renaissance of sorts!


EPIC FANTASTIC Post my person! a;sldkfjal;sdkf Thanks, I shall become a supporter thanks to this post :P

Preach! Very well said; wish I'd known about this place sooner. ^_^

Always gonna support the site, not much else for me to say

NG put so many more eyes on my work when I was just starting out. I could easily monetize my games and then show it to thousands of people. So it really encouraged me to take my hobby more seriously, and allowed me to have more fun posting my work.

I'm not convinced I would still be making games if Newgrounds didn't exist, but even if I was, I wouldn't be doing what I am now without it. I mean, it even helped pay my last couple years of college so I could focus more on making creative content...

Going to Pico Day for a couple of years was amazing too! I met people I've been fans of, gained new friends, and was inspired for what goals I should have in the future.

I met my best friend through Newgrounds. We've encouraged each other creatively for years, and I'm sure it's impacted both of our lives. We've been there when we needed someone as well.

Those are just some of the ways NG affected me. I can't think of any other platform that has been this widely impactful to me.

It honestly kinda pissed me off lots of people just snubbed newgrounds when it is so much more than people thought, and just ignored it, and passed it off. But, it's one of the only places non-corporate owned left on the net for creatives, and people in general, owned by someone who cares for the people and not just the money.

This place has been my home since 2003, I started my career here in 2006. It just urked me how they left ungratefully when newgrounds helped their careers up. They could've done both YouTube AND newgrounds, but they didn't. Now, YouTube screwed them over, and I knew that would happen. More people should promote newgrounds, it's such an important place and has potential to be even more.

Back in 2012, I knew it was dying. I wanted to help bring the audio community of musicians together by making new contests, and so I did, until I eventually made in 2013 with Phyrnna, the Art-Inspired Music Contest. Tom promoted it and loved the idea, 5 years and still going. It helped the momentum come back to the community, alongside reviving NGADM again, when it was going to end. Now I'm seeing more and more audio contests, and I'm really happy, I was sad those stopped.

MaestroRage used to do monthly audio contests about a decade ago. After he got involved with The Behemoth to my knowledge, well, eventually his work was lesser on NG. Then, we started Pixel Day almost 4 years ago for pixel artists, since I felt the pixel artists deserved a bit of a highlight, and another Newgrounds original holiday to further make more NG exclusive events to bring more people here. Both contests (including AIM) brought lots of more users in, it's awesome.

The unfortunate thing that also really killed NG, was the Geometry Dash crisis. No one did anything, so I shut it down on Steam by flagging it since it was bringing lots of toxic kids here who didn't care about Newgrounds at all, RobTop bullied Tom by not listening to him pretty much or us. More work for the mods, more toxicity for the community. And, stolen profits from musicians.

The unfortunate truth is, Geometry Dash has done permanent damage to NG, hence the changes. But, NG isn't counted out yet, just hurt it a lot. Lots of crazy historic NG events like that have happened in the past just 5 years alone, alongside the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary, when I did that collab video tribute with the great people, and the Newgrounds Inspired Music contest as a spinoff for AIM that year.

I've wanted to fight to keep this community alive helping anyway I can, I'm thankful Tom supported my ideas and put them out there, and the community actually loved them, I'm really happy about that. Now these new traditions will keep going, I wanted to use them to help creatives with feedback and exposure.

I just don't understand how so many people like the bigger artists really saw NG as a bad place or a joke, it pisses me off a bit. This place has so much history on originally being one of the most controversial, independent sites on the net. It's tamed down a bit, but it's still a great place.

It was because of Tom that my music career, and event organizing career I guess, has come this far. All the money I make on commissions, because of him. He promoted me and my ideas, supported me. He put one of my songs in Castle Crashers, commissioned me to remake Pico's School's soundtrack as an OST for the first time. He's changed my life.

Newgrounds changed my life, as well as all the amazing people. It means a lot I've been able to hear from people that I've impacted the community, and that people are having fun with the contests, and Pixel Day. This place has been my second home for more than half my life, I don't regret it one bit. I just wish more people saw how special NG really is, even before now.

Thanks for supporting NG, good post. I'd love to see more people support NG. Nightmare Cops is really gonna kick NG into high gear, especially now that the site is getting popular-ish again, and people see how amazing the game is (the demo was fantastic in 2016 at Pico Day, it's a fun platformer).

cheers, friend!

>Nightmare Cops coming soon
>Madness Project Nexus 2 coming soon
>artists from across the Internet are signing up
>old members are returning
>number of supporters keeps going up
Feels great man.

hell yea

Awesome inspirational speech, man! Let's hope you're right. It definitely does seem like NG is getting better at a steady pace. New updates helping with usability, more customization, and of course, new creators coming back or joining all the time!
I mean, we've got @ChutneyGlaze, with thousands of views here and probably less than a tenth of that on YouTube. @FlowDownStream is really great, and they're assembled here, on NG!
To me, NG means awesomeness. Freedom and community. Stand up to the behemoths (except for Tom's)!

NG means life! Without this place none of the other giants might be here today! It spawned not just all those great artists but also so many other content-driven platforms. The Internet as we know it would be a different place, and in addition to that: I thrive on the inspiration and community NG provides. Every day here is something special. It's a world in itself. An alternative home. Though there used to be a surplus of similar sites (most sourced from the one and only) there's now just nothing quite like it still out there. NG FOR LIFE!

Also awesome post.

Long live Newgrounds! Long live variety, freedom, talent and creativity!

Yeah, this site is something all right.

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