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Adapt or Die with Flash (+ Art Update!)

Posted by Tyler - April 14th, 2018

Like a lot of artists on Newgrounds, I still use flash to produce animation. As the reaper that is 2020 approaches, Flash draws its final breaths. To help animated movie creators move on, Based @TomFulp has blessed animators of the internet with Swivel conversions.

However, those of us who did game art in flash were still at a loss. We could export as sprite sheets, or learn Spine. I've never been a fan of either. Fortunately, I've found a handy new tool for us Flash Game Animators who have migrated to Unity. 

SWF to Unity


It's a really good tool.

I can update all the pieces of the Knight and other enemies/heroes on the fly now. This opens up endless possibilities for visual unlockables and upgrades in Realm Raiders. Im debating between cosmetic starting items like WoW transmogify AND/OR weapon drops in game. 


We're hard at work optimizing this new animation pipeline, so actual gameplay hasn't changed too much in a while. But I am still cranking away at animating with the help of @TopSpinTheFuzzy and @pennilessragamuffin ; here's a look at some new things:

Shaman enemy throws soul bombs and other dark magic attacks

Orc roars proudly before he cuts you to pieces

First of spells players can find: Spike Shards damage all enemies around player

Big Slime will swallow you, dealing damage over time... unless you escape

I have a LOT more to share, but we've been quiet optimizing everything for our new SWF animation system...amongst other things. I'll be back soon with regular updates. I missed sharing them with you SO MUCH.

Talk again soon,

- Tyler

PS. If you want to see more of how we work, join our Discord.

Comments (4)

Really cool stuff. That's nice to hear that you found a way around the Flash-related problem there.
Hadn't heard of this project before but dang, art-wise (plus, Shamans, Orcs...etc) looks chaming af.

If I could make a suggestion...that last image there made me think. Make the button or buttons required to escape random, so that it actually takes skill in itself, so long as the enemy doesn't drain your HP fast enough for it to increase the difficulty tenfold. From a non-developer standpoint, that's always been something that bugged me. Singular button quick-time events always feel so lazy & are easy enough to memorize for each enemy that you barely have to think after the first time or two. And maybe that would be ok for some weaker enemies, but it should always be a little varied, I'd say. Anyway, hope it all goes smoothly from here on out.

holy shit thats a great idea; stealing this!

thanks for the kind words; glad you like!

Niice, that looks pretty efficient. On the projects where I've used Flash to make the sprites, my pipeline has been mostly using the good old 'Export Movie' to generate a ton of .pngs; I haven't got into Unity at all, but seeing that you can import from a vector based .swf, it looks like a pretty good plus.
Also, that orc rough looks awesome!

yea thats what I was doing before. So painful but this method really
helps mitigate the pain

It's good to see that Flash to Unity tools are being developed.
Looks like the transition won't be too painful when I eventually get round to it myself.

thats true, im proud of you riding it out this long though TBH!

hope one day there is a free one
and some tutorials to follow

there actually is a free version
on their site to trial