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Everything is Vibrations

Posted by Tyler - August 9th, 2018

To the astonishment of absolutely nobody,
music has a profound impact on how you feel.

People listen to music while they work, while they drive, while they workout.

Music can make or break emotional impact in a movie, in a game. 

Certain songs have become synonymous with sporting events (think the overplayed "Kernkraft 400"). 

People who enjoy gaming listen to 'Gamer Playlists'; songs that "pump them up"

etc. etc.

People often match the mood of the music they listen to.

Or avoid music that doesn't match their "vibe"

Why is this?

Sound is, at a quantum level, the energy language of the universe.

Watch this:


As you see in the video above, all sound effects particles on a vibrational level.

For some reason that nobody understands yet, these frequencies alter brain waves and influence your mood.

Whenever I work on Realm Raidersand Freelance work, I listen to a certain frequency of sound called Binural Beats.

Some of frequencies relax

Other frequencies improve cognition

Whenever I work, I listen to this:


It tunes my mind to get "In the Zone" for working

Like everything, different beats affect different people in different ways. I suggest playing with different frequencies and see what does it for you.

Just try it out for yourself.


Comments (8)

True this. I remember reading some article about how different types of music impact the way you taste certain foods too (well, all foods, but they only mentioned a select few), so for example chocolate tastes the sweetest if you listen to high-pitched music.

And it's not just frequencies in music that affect taste, and mood, and everything around you, but all frequencies. Music or no. It can be applied in a medical context too, since everything in the body pretty much operates on its own frequency. You could kill a specific bacteria by using a specific frequency, for example. The ones outside our range of hearing still have an affect of the body. Really cool stuff.

And depressing stuff, considering cellphones, microwaves, all the ones that don't have such a positive effect...

As for inural Beats I've yet to listen in, though the name seems familiar. Guess it's time...

We're just scratching the surface.

Interesting side note:
- My house plants have been slowly dying and typical nurturing (sunlight, water, "plant food") did nothing for them. Playing these beats out loud.. they're vibrant again

Unexpected happenings

Frequencies are some hella interesting shit. When you get onto that multi-dimensional idea that there is an entire world we can't even see. There could even be beings that live within frequencies... They could materialise before our very eyes.
Mad shit dude.

Also, 5G frequencies are critical to our own health.. Which is a thing not many people realise, with their AC wifi and cities trees being cut down to facilitate the 5G antenna grids; which do not function greatly, through things like wet leaves or organic material.

Cheers for the tunes, I'll check em out

critical as in bad or good?

Critical in the sense that it's the same frequency as a lot of your bodes natural defences work at. Particularly the aluminium blood brain barrier and all kinds of things to do with mitochondria and oxygen.
So...technology wise...probably bad, as they're publishing none of this in mainstream journals. Ridiculing anyone who speaks up, as always. No research is therefore being done, no public warnings.
If these frequency transmitters were weaponised or used maliciously the results could be catastrophic. Hijacking those frequencies could mean many things that I've not even comprehended myself yet.
There's a good talk coming up on this in a few days. I'll drop some links here when it's out :)

keep me in the loop !

Oh, that is a pretty cool discovery! Plants are doing OK over here, but if they start to wither I know what to do. :)

@AcidX Would definitely be interested in that link too! I avoid cellphones as much as I can, but it doesn't seem like much use when the towers are everywhere. Have read about the weaponization potential too. Scary stuff.

hey dude. Bit late on this. Only just went looking for it. nearly 3 hrs, haven't watched yet.

Dr Graham Downing. Has some great content. More relevant to UK but yea.

Hey man, I'm back again.
Just some other, frequency-related, links I found interesting

https://www.instagram.com/danielnemes1/ that guy
https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/21045010/ archived 4chan thread



interesting stuff

ooo checking out!

Back AGAIINNN with more listening lol. Not sure why I post them all in this post but whatever.

This dude is cool, he investigates some really interesting British cases with a relatively neutral stance on things.

*cracks knuckles* lets watch

already back again! This one's a bit more light-hearted and... eye+ear-opening.
Very different, not focused on 5G.