NG Internship journal, Robot day, ETC.

2010-06-02 11:25:56 by Tyler

Interning at NG.. I removed the link for the journal. But if for whatever reason you have any interest on how it is: do ask me, fine fellow.

I am shamelessly considering asking for assistance with my Robot Day movie, as I don't know if it will be complete in time. I have a handsome script written, and am story-boarding the sexy thing right now. I will handle the majority of the animation, but I have a few odds and ends for YOU.

Also, I am also working on a silly frog movie with my good friend/classmate (here! is a short scene from it). Also this is a lousy rough frame from what has become my endeavor:

NG Internship journal, Robot day, ETC.


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2010-06-02 11:44:57


Tyler responds:

I was so hoping nobody would remember that shitty name.
haha ughhhh


2010-06-02 15:46:45

lol you changed your username. LAME

Tyler responds:

You know as well as I that first name usernames are all the rage.


2010-06-02 15:50:51

if you need a hand with anything you know how to contact me, and i promise to make it up to your standards and not half-ass anything :P

but other than that, I cant wait to see the next animations from you :3

Tyler responds:

thanks handsome


2010-07-01 15:24:05

Congrazzzz on the internship brah!

the movie looks good!


2010-07-01 16:47:26

You have no idea how jealous I am :)


2010-07-01 19:48:27 epic movie about a frog is this the end of the world.

Tyler responds:

yep we're all dead.


2010-07-19 16:49:29

wow !


2010-07-21 06:27:22

think you might have missed it

Tyler responds:



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