"New" Game

2012-11-21 15:37:50 by Tyler

HEY GUYS/ To whom it may concern:

MintPaw and I released a cleaned up version of our game jam 7 entry. You should check out the NEW ONE HERE

Game jams are neat for coming up with quick little "prototypes". I thought our game was kind of cool so we decided to revisit it , add some more mechanics, and make it prettier.

That is all.

Also, enjoy this cat's face.

"New" Game


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2012-11-21 15:58:56

This a cool little expansion- nice work! Who does the music?

Tyler responds:

Good old zstriefel


2012-11-21 18:31:48

Hey, I just want to clarify on that review I wrote. What I was trying to say is that the direction came off as awkward and somewhat hard to follow.

Tyler responds:

I don't see any reviews by you.


2012-11-21 21:08:50

I played it earlier. The puking into other peoples mouths was disturbing

Tyler responds:

this was actually made to encourage bulimia


2012-11-22 04:16:31

The animation how you exit levels is really awesome, makes one really advance to the next stage. :)


2012-11-22 14:41:50

You already know how much I love to play your games with your wonderful art design.


2012-11-28 23:37:50

Cat face, he's got a big cats face. . .

Tyler responds:

I swear to god I'm going to kill you.


2013-03-03 21:37:44

I have installed the latest version of DirectX, Flash, and Internet Explorer, and I still can't get catface.exe to run. What am I doing wrong?