New game(s) and junk

2014-01-13 20:03:40 by Tyler

Its been forever since I made a news post here, so here is a news post about things and stuff.

My newest game (that I did animation and design for) is out on the front page now! If you haven't played it: go check it out, yo!

I'm pretty happy overall with how it came out. (Justin) did an awesome job coding this bad boy, and LlamaReaper ( killed it on the background art. 

I like defense games still, but I'm sick of the genre now haha. Also, I'm really hoping to break out of flash games at some point too. Its fun and makes decent money (keeps me from having a "real" full time job, which I'm thrilled about), but I've never tried another market and I'm really itching to do it. 

I also did some special fx animation for Lan's Crystal Story II:

Other than that, I'm still working on a short little cartoon. Its been forever since I animated something that wasn't in a game or for work/ a client. I miss animating flash shorts and my goal in this year is to do more of that. Also, I rarely put art up here now since I pretty much never finish any still art. I post a lot of my sketches and junk on tumblr, go check them out and critique my shit.




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2014-01-13 20:20:02

Love the game man!


2014-01-14 09:23:38

Haha! Put the word "critique" in quotes. You don't need critique!

(Updated ) Tyler responds:

lmao. I'm having a hard time telling if this is a jab or a compliment


2014-01-14 10:38:40

Let it stay that way.