Win a Dino Shift 2 Plushie! Giveaway Contest Thing + Other Stuff

2014-03-21 15:12:31 by Tyler


I recently finished up a sequel to my old game, Dino Shift, which you can play by following the link below:

Dino Shift 2

But more importantly, a friend of mine made some plushies of the game's main character. We're giving one of these adorable bastards away for free. For your chance to win him, all you have to do is leave a comment below.

Should you win, I'll PM you for your shipping info and then send it your way. When it arrives it's yours to do with as you please: Maybe put it on your impressive shelf of collectables? Or hold it tightly as you cry yourself to sleep on yet another lonely night? Do whatever you want with it - up to you!


Also, should you not win the contest and/or just want to buy one (or ten!), you can do so here: In other news, Justin, LlamaReaper and I are making a new game for both browser and mobile. Finally beginning to branch out of flash and it's pretty exciting. Our programmer, Justin, has a blog dedicated to the development of it, should you care enough to follow it:



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2014-03-21 15:28:48

It's pretty cute.


2014-03-21 15:55:34

What a cute plushie :o


2014-03-21 16:41:35

What an adorable looking lil guy!


2014-03-21 17:19:33



2014-03-21 17:24:10

lookin' gooooooooood.


2014-03-21 17:34:09

I like myself... and you should too.


2014-03-21 17:38:55

i call dibs


2014-03-21 18:37:58

Oh my god, it's a dinosaur.


2014-03-21 18:38:15

c'mon tyler. lemme give him a good home


2014-03-21 20:51:58

I need this little guy to soak up my tears when I cry myself to sleep.


2014-03-21 23:59:13

This plushie is a need!


2014-03-22 00:43:43

I'd hug it


2014-03-22 11:21:17

aww it's so cute~!


2014-03-22 14:11:34

lookin' qt


2014-03-22 22:33:16

That plushie would fill the void my father left...


2014-03-23 01:02:35

Cute as hell. :3


2014-03-23 09:08:53

Maybe if I wish hard enough, he'll come to life and be by dino companion. We'll go on adventures around the world for years, meeting new and exciting people. Eventually, the world will lose it's magic so we'll leave the earth and go on a dino space adventure!

Good game by the way! Nice job!


2014-03-23 18:33:55

I love plushies less than three


2014-03-30 00:45:12

Holy Crap, That is amazing. Can they make some plushe's for me! :D

Tyler responds:

Not sure... but i'll ask them for ya!


2014-04-13 16:26:20

Hey, has anyone won yet? Coming to Tom's party?

Tyler responds:

yes and yes!! Are you?


2014-04-19 19:58:53

Yup, I be there! At least you can pick up a free Penicorn, to make up for the loss of a huge-ass Dino Shift plushie. Who won the contest?!

Tyler responds:

Cool ! And yeah, I already have one but I want more haha.

And EJR won.


2014-04-20 02:08:38

Coooooooooooooooooooooooool! I want it!


2014-04-20 22:16:38

I got sucked into giving my Tankman and Penicorn away, though gamejunkie gets the Penicorn because he sent me (from Australia) a gecko and a koala plushie. Amaranthus begged for a Tankman, so... eh.

Cool on EJR! Damn, I haven't even made UOTD yet :(


2014-08-31 18:20:39

oh my grizzlez sup bro