Entry #31

Dev Log: Attack Animation Breakdown

2017-08-22 14:02:19 by Tyler

This is a breakdown of how I approach the animations in my upcoming game.


Dan (my new programmer/partner) and I decide on a move we want to implement, then I do rough sketch poses. Here is a breakdown of the Knight’s uppercut attack.

After rough sketch poses, I move to rough animation. I am lucky I have great help here; my friend @TopSpinThefuzzy helps with roughs and my girlfriend, BLITZ, helps me improve my “swoosh” slash effects. Finally, I do timing refinement and clean the animation up completely in flash. We are making this game in Unity but the nice thing about flash is that I can export the graphics at any resolution.

After this, I export the animation as .PNG sequences. Then Dan tests out the animation in game and makes it floaty and snappy in fake 3-Dimensional space. 

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2017-08-23 23:36:31

I love seeing stuff like that! It's good for learning! :)

Tyler responds:

hey ZeTrystan! glad you find it helpful