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Things nobody tells you about The Creative Process

Posted by Tyler - October 17th, 2018



Do you like math? Me either. But more on that later.

In my post about Every Story is The Same, we learned all stories, and by extension life, follows a predictible pattern: descent into chaos and return to the known. Insights are gleened by breaking through order by making sense of the chaotic unknown. Perhaps you've learned some shit about yourself producing content on this site.


Almost every game I've created has taken me on this cyclical ride. Much like a sine wave, the whole process is highs and lows. Sometimes you run out of money, sometimes your vision isn't as cool as you thought it was, people will drop out of your project and others will flat out discourage you (avoid these people, energy vampires). There are often times you think of just giving up.

But also, things go well. You have a breakthrough, people find your game fun, you sell copies and are proud of your work. Then you are re-inspired to power through.

See how that works below? Imagine the sine wave is your happiness at the top, misery at the bottom.


Game Dev, as with any long project can have bouts of doubt, misery and depression.

But these things are mitigated by having a healthy lifestyle... something we internet cretins neglect sitting in doors, in the darkness hunched in front of blue light all day.

I battled the depression monster during the development of every single game I ever made. All the way from Slime Quest to Sentry Knight Tactics, the long process and anxiety of reception layed on me. I'll be sure to talk about this more.

But honestly, during Realm Raiders its been not so bad. In fact most of the time its good. Its actually great right now and I feel good. But I owe that to good self-care. So thats why I've started a self-care video resouce to help pull other people up to where I am. Check out the Intro Video:

I would post on NG but I think theres too much video footage to not get Tom Fulp in trouble. Maybe future episodes can be posted here.

Love you all,
- Tyler 


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If this is what being an indie dev is about, I can't imagine what working for the likes of EA or Ubisoft would feel like.

Its totally worth it.

Secret footage of Tom Fulp. Do you have some Tom's nudes?

for my eyes only

This article may be helpfull to understood that engenering,art and science have a same roots. Those rules can be usefull not only for art.

Basically... life's full of ups and downs huh. :) Somehow feels reassuring to know there's an almost scientific-sounding explanation (must be the graph-like imagery - well-looped) to how all that words, and true words, self-care's the most important thing. Dedication and discipline no matter what, and you'll get through those darkest times!! Starting to feel like even winter's a decent season all with the help of better habits... gotta watch that video; see if there's some more life advice to follow...

Ups and downs exactly. Clichés are taken for granted how much wisdom is packed into them

True that! Watched the video too, not much life advice yet but I'ma memorize the discipline quote at least. :) A fair share of animation amidst the footage too. Looking forward to the next ep!

I like the sine wave analogy, I can kinda relate to that but I suppose it's more of a bumpy ride, with a couple of "positive" spikes, and it tends to find itself back to that sine wave shape again.

Cool clip dude. You're becoming one of my favourite NGers for keeping the spirit alive and promoting that positive message we was always about!!

Slightly unrelated to your post, but also slightly related - to everything. Get your head round this geometry dude :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNIWMX-r7iU

Is this the beginning of Numerology and Pentalogy?

Sure is dude... Although, I think a clearer start point would be Phi (Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence). I prefer to call it Sacred Geometry (and not the spirit science stuff), as this is the clearest evidence of Intelligent Design. These expressions are evidently...sacred. Especially once you reach Metatrons Cube and other shapes.

I'd like to put together a comprehensive guide to this stuff ... Until then, there's this thread which not many people liked.